Wedding Photography
Formal photography:
This is a young bride in Victoria.

Special Effects

Sepiatone and other effects can enhance the photos

See Vicki & Cliff's wedding with B&W shots

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Portait in full color

More wedding photography
West Coast Casual Wedding

Military Formal Wedding at Sax Point

Bluescreen Studio Portrait
more phots

$500 package
~ Up to one and half hours of on location photo shooting, with free travel time within one hour of Sooke.
~ Mini- album with 24 (or more) proofs in 4 X 6 inch size
~ Digital enhancement and color optimizations.

Reprints with glass clip-back frame
5 X 7 inch: $20.00 each~ Print:8 X 10 inch: $40.00 each
Lamination: 8 X 10 $50.00 each ~ Print:11 X 14 inch $50.00
Print: 4 X 6 inch: $5.00 each -no frame
Print:12 X 18 inch $60.00 (please be aware of resolution limitations)
Lamination with matt: 8X10 plus matt: 11X13 finished size: $70.00
Designer two tier lamination 8X10 plus matt: 11X13 finished size: $100.00
?? Want the "negatives"? We offer digital source files as negatives so you can print as many photos as you want!
$100 extra

Full package: $4,000
Includes studio pre or post wedding photo portraits, video & photos of pre-wedding, arriving at ceremony, ceremony and reception. Video includes a slide show of family photos, custom music soundtrack and special effects.
~ One Mini-album with 4 X6 inch proofs
~ One VHS and one DVD broadcast quality video
~ Two each size glass clip-back framed enlargement: 8 X 10 and 5 X 7 inch

Extra: DVD or VHS copies: $20 each with full color jacket
Photo Reprints as above