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Pet Painting- Pet Portraits-- or Pet Photography

portrait of Blue Heeler Dog

Capturing those special moments and bonds between people and their pets!

Sometimes our best friends are our pets. Wouldn't it be nice to have a photograph of YOUR best friend?
I can do a photographic portrait of you and your pet or your pet in its favourite place.

It's a lasting memory you will treasure forever.


This portrait of a Blue Heeler is one of my most recent paintings.

Blue Heeler Australian Dog from Canada



.........Blue Heeler the dog in the background is Vera as a pup, the full color in the frontgound is .....her as an adult.

Dog Portrait

Custom Dog Portrait for a customer

German Shepard Dog Painting
German Shepard dog painting

Blue Eyed Collee Dog


Calika Cockatoo
Calica the Cockatoo is the mascot at Whiskers & Wags pet store in Sooke.
This painting was taken from a photo I took in 2015. Prints available

Below: Nova, a dog portrait. Nova was a very special dog, loved by her family. She died and one of the only photos they had of her was taken by a cell phone. Using that photo I painted a 36 x 24 inch portrait of her.

Nova A Dog Portrait

I also specialize in Children and Baby Photography

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dog portrait in Sooke